AppForms SharePoint 2013 (Version 3.5.1509.301)

September 30, 2015

Product(s) : AppForms for Cloud Edition

Version : 3.5.1509.301

  • In AppForms there is an option to build a rule via the expression builder. Using this new feature in the expression builder we can search a function in the AppForms by either giving the function name or the description about the function.
  • In Application Monitor, the View Application Report contains headers which would describe the columns that are displayed in the application report.
  • Introduced Round function: It rounds a number to a specified number of digits. For example, if 23.7825 has to be rounded then you can use, Round (23.7825) in an action in the rules.
  • To upload form into a folder without using a base form.
  • The new “Refresh” button helps to clear the changes made in the request and response of the Web Service.
  • A new button “Save&Checkin” will be displayed in the ListForm.
  • Rule to remove file from FileUpload control added: If a situation arises where we have to delete the file that was uploaded, then it can be done using the function GridRemoveFile (DataSource ControlName, Row Index, Column Index, FileIndex (Optional)) and RemoveFile (FileUploadName, FileIndex (optional)) for which the button is set as a trigger.
  • Configure a Search control with any data source. Make sure that the data source contains numeric value into it.To the corresponding numeric field, set the Format to Currency using the Configure Column window of the search control.
  • Rule to download the file from a FileUpload control is “DownloadFile (FileUploadName, index (Optional))”, Control name is the name of the file upload control and Index is the Index of the files (Optional). When no value is given 1st file will be downloaded.
  • ReadOnly property implemented for CheckboxGroup, RadioButtonGroup, ListBox and MultiListBox. The control will be in the ReadOnly mode that means the data’s can be read but nod edited.
  • There is a new property named "Selected Value" and which have values DisplayName, Title, Department, Email, MobileNumber and AccountName. We can select the value from the property and when u select a user the corresponding information (Email or AccountName etc.) will be displayed.