AppForms SharePoint 2013 (Version 3.5.1508.1301)

August 13, 2015

Product(s) : AppForms Enterprise Edition

Version : 3.5.1508.1301

  • A new property "Hide ToolTip" added to search control. We can find a new option “Hide ToolTip" to hide the tool tip of the particular column.
  • PeoplePicker user validation on save inside Dynamic Grid based on property. If an invalid user is entered in People Picker's textbox and if "Validate On Save" is checked, the data should not be saved to the List/SQL.
  • Option to Export Data in Application Monitor.
  • Option to Enable/Disable Security: If you go to "Transaction Settings", you can find an option to disable/enable security using ON/OFF. If it’s disabled, security feature will be disabled in form.
  • List remapping option for import export.