AppForms SharePoint 2013 (Version 3.5.1508.1301)

August 13, 2015

Product(s) : AppForms for SharePoint 2010

Version : 3.5.1508.1301

  • The “Hide tooltip” property is added to the Search control. It is to hide the tool tip of the particular column.
  • A new property 'Validate On Save' is added. If an invalid user is entered in People Picker's textbox and if "Validate On Save" is checked, the data should not be saved to the List/SQL.
  • Option to Export Data in Application Monitor: In the application monitor, select the option "View Application Report". Click on "View Details". On the right bottom corner the new feature to “Export to Excel” is displayed.
  • Option to Enable/Disable Security: If you go to "Transaction Settings", you can find an option to disable/enable security using ON/OFF. If it’s disabled, security feature will be disabled in form
  • List remapping option for import export: When there is a need to export a tenant and import it to a different site then there is a need to map the respective lists also. Consider in one site the list name is ABC and in the site where the tenant needs to be imported has the list ABC1 then a new option List remapping is used when there is a need to map a list with different names from one site to another.