AppForms SharePoint 2013 (Version 3.5.1507.3001)

July 30, 2015

Product(s) : AppForms for SharePoint 2010

Version : Version 3.5.1507.3001

  • Images from external sources (ex. Web) can be given using "Image URL property" of the Image Button control. Either Image URL property or Image Source property of the Image Button control can be used at a time.
  • Implemented new function GetFormValue. This function is used to get the value of a specific control in a form.The form can be a parent and a child form. The syntax for the function is GetFormValue (FormName, ControlName)
  • There is a new property named "Selected Value" and which have values DisplayName, Title, Department, Email, MobileNumber and AccountName. We can select the value from the property and when u select a user the corresponding information (Email or AccountName etc.) will be displayed.
  • Rule for Fetching file name from FileUpload control in dynamic Grid: GridGetFileName (DynamicGridControlName, Row Index, Column Index, HasExtension (optional), File Index (optional))
  • Rule "GridSetFileName" added. the filename can be changed to the desired value given by the user after a file has been uploaded to the FileUpload control inside a Dynamic Grid. The syntax to set the filename is GridSetFileName (DynamicGridControlName, Row Index, Column Index, FileName, FileIndex (optional))