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    After import , I exported to a new environment, but the list name does not match but the list contents are same, is there anything I can do, I am not in a situation to rename that lists

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    In AppForms import-export, when you import a tenant, if any one of the datasource in the tenant is mapped to SharePoint and if there is no particular list with the same name matched in the tenant you are trying to import, then the list mapping can be done using AppForms. In the third step, there will be a screen displayed for the end user with current mapped list name in the left and new list name in the right. User can select the list in this screen for reconfiguration. You may have missed this screen so please do another import. If you are still facing an issue, please email to, explaining the steps you have gone through with a screenshot of the issue. You can also reply to this post with the issue description.

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