How can I configure cascading dropdowns?

Cascading drop downs can be configured by selecting the 'New DataSource configuration' for the selected combo box ,from DataSource window, then select the database and table name we want to use. We can add criteria for columns, also add the Value member and Display member properties for that selected combo box. In manage rule window, we can add trigger and can complete the configuration for combo box by creating rule.

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How to create a SQL Server DataSource?

An admin user can create a SQL Server Datasource using the 'DataSource Settings' in the Data Management section, that comes under the navigation links of ClaySys Appforms. To add a datasource, click on Datasources and then on 'Create DataSource' to select the type of DataSource being used. Now select a database from the available databases in the site and then select a table from list of tables corresponding to the selected database.

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How to use aggregate functions in datasource?

To implement aggregate function, create a form and then a list with respect to the form created, add values in to the list. In the Appforms window select 'Create DataSource', and select the corresponding list from 'Available Sites' and 'Available lists', click on 'select' and the 'Add' button in DataSouse window. In the 'SharePoint Commands' window, specify the criteria in ‘Query Criteria Mapping’ session that based on which the data should be generated in the Preview. After that, click on the ‘Aggregate Column’ button in order to configure the aggregate functions with form data source. Select the column name in the list, the textbox name to which the value has to be viewed and the required aggregate function under the DataSource Column, Mapping value and Aggregate Function respectively, in the ‘Aggregate Column’ window.Click on the ‘Save’ button and later click ‘Ok’ button in the ‘SharePoint Command ‘window. After that, add the trigger and then click ‘Finish’ button.

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How can I work with the repeating Sections in a Webservice?

For using the User Profile Webservice in SharePoint,

- Add necessary controls to form.
- Add a FormDataSource with WebService Configuration.
- Select the User profile webservice datasource.
- Select the web method “GetUserProfileByName” in the wizard which will be opened after clicking Next and then Add Button.
- Enter the Input Control name into the Request XML.
- In the Response XML Window, the value of the Node “Value” will be filled accordingly to the criteria (Criteria will be added in the next wizard.)
- Click on the circle button next to the node “Value” which will open up the criteria window. Map the Criteria as shown below, Value of the node “Value” will be loaded to the result controls by matching the criteria.
- After finishing the Select command Configuration, add the trigger.
- As the first TextBox is Input Field, the Name is given in the first field and click on submit to get all the controls to be filled based on the criteria.

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How to fix session time out error?

Session Time out, "Please refresh the page/Please refresh the page" is shown when user opens the ClaySys AppForms webpart or list form the first time.

- Open IIS of each WFE server and select the site -> and select the module
- Once you double click on the modules it will open a screen and now click on the Add Managed Module under the Actions pane at right end
- Once it opens, please enter the Name and the Type as shown below and click OK
Name : ClaysysSessionModule
Type : ClaySys.AppBuilder.Sharepoint.Html.ClaysysSessionModule,ClaySys.AppBuilder.Sharepoint.Html, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7306e217930e295c

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I am getting “System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.”, how can I fix this issue?

1. Increase list view look up threshold
2. SharePoint implements metadata columns as Lookup Lists behind the scenes. If you use Sharepoint Manager or some other tool you will notice there is a hidden list at the Site Collection Level "TaxonomyHiddenList". Every hour the “Taxonomy Update Scheduler” Timer Job is responsible for syncing this list with Central Term Store Management. This is really the list your columns are syncing with.
3. SharePoint 2010 introduced the concept of Resource Throttling at the Web Application level.
To find the setting go to Central Admin -> Application Management->Manage Web Applications. Select General Settings->Resource Throttling.

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I am not able to activate the service, what should i do??

1. Ensure the installation is done in all machines, and is installed on the WFE​.
2. Check for multiple binding.
3. Check back connection host name is added correctly in the registry.
4.Check the memory of the system.

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I am getting “UnKnown Error when accessing ClaySys AppForms”, how can i solve it?

1. ​Check the connection string and web.config settings. Access the service in _vti_bin/claysyswebservices. if service has no issues check the connection string
2. Check for the web application pool for more webgarden scenario. Check session is enabled in the server

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How to enable the “mobile version ClaySys AppForms (SharePoint)”?

1. Open the web.config file in the application root.
2. Add a safe control entry for mobile version to the web.config file.
3. Add Appsetting in the web.config.
4. Open the compat file in the application root/App_Browsers.
5. Add controlAdapters.
For more details refer the Url provided below.

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