ClaySys AppForms Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise AppForms version of the product allows you to install ClaySys AppForms on a Windows/SQL Server Environment to now create Forms and Web Applications using the ClaySys AppForms Designer. Enterprise AppForms is a Multi-tenant platform, where you can create multiple Applications on the same server stack, as each Application is partitioned at the Web Application level and Data layer by the respective Tenant IDs.

Many organizations are struggling to maintain legacy business applications. The pain with legacy applications is not in the Database layer, as the database is typically on SQL Server or Oracle and is easy to maintain. The key pain points with legacy applications are the custom coded front end interface of the application, which is typically coded in C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Java, JSP, PHP amongst other options, with the pain being the painful cost of migration from legacy versions of the code applications to the most current developer framework stacks. ClaySys Enterprise AppForms allows you to configure the front end interface for your web applications, after which due to the metadata driven architecture, updating to the latest versions of Enterprise AppForms continues to maintain backward compatibility with the versions of Forms or Applications created in earlier versions of ClaySys AppForms.

AppForms enables you to access data housed in , SQL Server Database Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and Web Services. Any one of the forms you create can read or write to one or more data sources - giving you all the flexibility and connectivity you need. AppForms gives you the ability to embed complex business logic and validation rules into individual forms which lets you build business applications without needing to write any software code. Since AppForms can work with any existing SQL Server Database schema, your legacy applications can be migrated and you can easily recreate the front-end functionality of legacy Classic ASP, or Visual Basic applications, while continuing to use your existing SQL Server database.


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