ClaySys AppForms is available as an App in the Microsoft Office365 App Store. Once you install the AppForms App in your SharePoint Online environment within Office365, you get access to the Forms and Application building capabilities of AppForms, within your SharePoint Online environment. We also support an Enterprise App deployment model for ClaySys Cloud AppForms, where ClaySys AppForms can be deployed on servers managed by the Enterprise, but can be configured as an App in Office365, through the Enterprise App Catalog option.
Why choose ClaySys Cloud AppForms
Using SharePoint Online in Office365 is becoming more and more popular. But the biggest challenge for organizations moving to Office365 is the inability to deploy custom applications the way it was possible in the on premise SharePoint model. While it is possible to deploy custom apps in SharePoint within Office365, the clients are expected to host these custom apps on their own servers, which defeats the purpose of moving to the cloud. ClaySys Cloud AppForms presents an opportunity for Office365 clients to install ClaySys Cloud AppForms from the Office365 App Store, and after that configure the custom forms or applications that they would require, without needing to install or manage any software or servers. With ClaySys Cloud AppForms, organizations can create very simple forms and workflows, as well as complex forms or web applications that work with SharePoint Lists/Libraries or even SQL Azure if required, to meet their business requirements.
This link takes you to the ClaySys Cloud AppForms App page on the Office365 App Store. You can install the App using your Office365 Account, after which you can configure the functionality required in Office365 using ClaySys Cloud AppForms.
Pricing and Editions
AppForms has the same pricing and licensing model for SharePoint AppForms, Enterprise AppForms and Cloud AppForms. The licensing model is a User based model, and there is no additional server licensing required. AppForms can be installed on any number of servers, which could be used for Development, Testing, Staging, Production etc, and the only licensing requirement for an organization is to have licenses for all Users exceeding the initial 50 Free User limit.
5 User Free License
No Additional Server
License Required
$3.49 / month
No Minimum User Restriction*
No Additional Server
License Required
* Licensing will be for unlimited number of users. There is no server licensing, and AppForms can be activated on any number of Servers. We use a User Licensing model for AppForms, with no additional licensing for the servers deployed, that you install AppForms on. Annual Maintenance charges will be 17% of the overall license cost for an organization, to get access to support updates and new versions.
Demo Videos
Please review the demo videos below to understand how to work with ClaySys Enterprise AppForms, and to learn how to configure the required functionality using ClaySys AppForms. If YouTube is blocked within your network, please download the video demos by clicking the download link below each video.