ClaySys AppForms Form Versioning

ClaySys AppForms Form Versioning, Archival and RestoringForm HistorySelect the form the history of which to be viewed.Click View HistoryThe Form History List window will be opened displaying the form history; latest descending.Form history archival and restoring Select the “View History” option from the context menu of the form which History is to be viewed. The(Continue reading...)

The TreeView Control in ClaySys AppForms

ClaySys AppForms V 2.5The Treeview control will allow the end users to create a menu of navigation to different forms. This new control can also invoke rules in the same form. This post is to explain the functionalities of the Treeview control.Tree View Configuration1. Drag the Tree View control under the Navigation option in Toolbox into the(Continue reading...)

Global Rules

Global RulesThis blog highlighted the “Global Rules” link, that helps to create common rules for a tenant. These rules will be available in all the forms of a Tenant. To define a global Rule select “Global Rules” link from the left navigation menu of the tenant.Global Rules window opens up.Select “Create new global rule” to(Continue reading...)

Form Version History in ClaySys AppForms

ClaySys AppForms 1.0 ClaySys AppForms supports inbuilt form version history management. Each time you make a change to a form and publish it, a new version is created. The options available for the form version management are:View History ArchivalRestore from Archived listView historical formForm ViewRules ViewDetailed ViewRollback VersionCompare versionsForm ViewRules ViewDetailed ViewView HistorySelect the form history of which(Continue reading...)