Traditional Coding vs No-code/Low-code Development

How does No-Code/Low-Code Application Development platforms compare with traditional coding?To build an application through writing code, you first decide on a targeted platform like Windows, LINUX or iOS for example, after which you choose the relevant language supported on each platform, for example C# on Windows. You can then start building your application by writing code(Continue reading...)

The Future of Enterprise Applications

1. Fundamental shifts driving imminent change for Enterprise Software Applications(i) The emergence of the Cloud Computing paradigm:What is Cloud Computing?As per the Wikipedia definition, “Cloud computing is internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked to allow sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources. Clouds can be(Continue reading...)

Understanding Enterprise Application Architecture

In this post, i will highlight the typical portfolio of Enterprise Application requirements, and touch on an architecture that is better aligned towards leveraging the benefits of an off-the-shelf software application, while continuing to pursue the customization’s required to have the final solution align with the unique business processes and user experiences of each unique(Continue reading...)

Metadata Driven Application Development

The metadata-driven development model for building Enterprise Applications is an architecture that primarily enables the creation of ‘Futureproof’ business applications. What makes this possible is the approach where all the design elements of a web application, including the form interface, fields, tables, grids, tabs, controls, layout, business rules etc, are defined in metadata like XML or(Continue reading...)

Maintaining high availability and setup disaster recovery in ClaySys AppForms

ClaySys AppForms High Availability Configuration This blog will present the High Availability options available to deploy the ClaySys AppForms Solution onto an infrastructure, with the right operational procedures that can provide 24/7 ClaySys AppForms System Availability. The High Availability Architecture described in this section, once combined with the right Operational Procedures and Resources, will ensure that(Continue reading...)

ClaySys AppForms – Multi tenant logical architecture

ClaySys AppForms V1.0This blog post will highlight the logical architecture of the New ClaySys AppForms Solution, and will describe how the operations of the ClaySys AppForms Solution could be managed by IT Infrastructure and Operations Team. ClaySys AppForms Application LayerClaySys AppForms Application Server Layer will run on Multiple Load Balanced Application Servers on Windows Server 2003(Continue reading...)